Product R&D
Experience design images by Mox Morka

The Brief

Chat, play, workout, and share TV with friends. All on the big screen. Bring your TV to life in a whole new way with the smart camera tailor-made for Sky Glass. Easy.

Working with Door Global, my role was to explore what else you might do with a TV and other smart home experiences. As with many contemporary products, the physical TV itself is just one component in a wider product and service ecosystem.

We ended up developing new propositions, experiences and digital services that extend what a TV is for and expand the utility it provides. These included AR gaming interfaces, message drops that responded to user presence and connected household applications.

In the summer of 2023 the updated version of the Sky Glass launched - Sky Glass Live - incorporating many of the features we prototyped during the R&D phase.

My Role

  • Research innovative uses for a depth-camera enabled TV
  • Develop prototype experience including AR and streaming communications
  • Gather metrics on user engagement during testing
  • Contribute to ideation sessions with the client
  • Provide full documentation of all code, APIs and dependencies