New Movement Collective
Remote Interaction System

The Project

NMC is a group of dance artists collectively redefining the boundaries of choreography and performance through ambitious, cross-disciplinary practice. In this experimental event, especially designed for their audiences online, NMC explores themes of control, agency and empathy. Using cutting edge wearable technology, Project XO is 3-way live interaction between remote participants, performers and technology.

Audiences can engage with the interactive experience by navigating the exoskeleton suit and interacting with live performers from home.

My Input

  • Design and build remote interface to control robot exoskeleton
  • Create Node.js server to send and receive data to remote participants
  • Create websocket interface to send and receive data to VVVV application
  • Configure WebRTC streaming service and build web viewer
  • Build Firestore back-end to interface with TicketSource ticketing system
  • Participate in design and planning meetings with choreographers and dancers
  • Produce full documentation of code and APIs