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Augmented Reality NFT Clothing
3D clothing design: Skeeva (Eugene Golovanchuk), Cloth Sim Engine: Nixon Cheng

The Project

3D cloth simulation is hard. Really hard. Even the most sophisticated computer models struggle to replicate the complex ways that fabric folds and drapes in the real world. The challenge is to create a digital model that captures all of the subtleties of how fabric moves, from the flow of individual fibres to the overall sag and drape of a piece of cloth. Even on high-powered desktop computers, it can be a challenge. So doing it on a mobile device, in augmented reality? That's next to impossible.

Introducing Pixelthreads, the world's first augmented reality software that uses a custom built cloth simulation engine to render realistic clothing on virtual avatars placed in the real world. With Pixelthreads, you can now have your very own digital fashion show right in your own living room!

Each item of clothing is minted as an NFT allowing users to verify ownership of their digital fashion pieces. With Pixelthreads, fashion brands can now release their new lines in AR, customers can shop the look and app creators have an incredible new tool for their next big project!

My Role

  • CTO. Lead developer.
  • Lead dev team of 4 Unity Developers
  • Project architecture specification and design
  • Build and maintain Unity project using NodeCanvas state machine, Unity Atoms, AR Foundation, Moralis, Firebase, Unity Addressables
  • Build and maintain back-end using Google Cloud Platform/Firebase, Moralis Cloud
  • Integrate custom cloth sim engine
  • Create and deploy smart contracts on Polygon chain 
  • Deploy to Apple App Store Connect/TestFlight
  • Lead dev team and external partner meetings
  • Contributed to design and strategy meetings
  • Developed project management system in Notion
  • Developed and maintained CI/CD system with Bitbucket & Azure