Museum of the Future, Dubai
Networked Museum Installation
Images courtesy of Marshmallow Laser Feast and Superflux

The Brief

The HEAL Institute is a fictional research body intended to give audiences a glimpse into a future where climate catastrophe has destroyed many of earth's natural ecosystems. In this imagined future the institute has embarked on a project to regenerate the living world through gene manipulation and life generation techniques. Visitors to the museum take on the role of citizen scientists given the opportunity to remix genetic data to produce new varieties of life which are then stress tested in a simulated environment to assess their viability.

Visitors navigate their way through the museum using hand-held devices networked to a local positioning system which allows them to collect samples from the 'Vault of Life' and later in their journey download the samples in the 'Remix Lab'.

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My Mission

  • Design and implement unit and integration testing strategies for Unity development effort
  • Advise on best-practices for testing
  • Advise on system architecture and implement state transition framework
  • Build interface for 'Hot House' mobile device
  • Integrate with local positioning system
  • Implement interactive video sequences for 'Hot House' environment
  • Create technical documentation of all code for handover to museum staff